Part of the appeal of post-apocalyptic and sci-fi plots is that they take place in a different, reset world where all bets are off. So why do so many of them still play by the same antiquated rules when it comes to portraying women? Sure, you’ve got two successful dystopian franchises in The Hunger Games and Divergent that can actually boast female protagonists, but both of those series have made a pointed effort to stay out of the summer movie season entirely. More often than not, women are an afterthought in our wannabe blockbusters, an endemic problem that Hollywood still doesn’t know how to handle.

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The reason we call the genre “science fiction” today is thanks to pioneering scifi publisher Hugo Gernsback, for whom the Hugo Awards are named. Life Magazine actually credited Gernsback with coining the term and according to some sources, he hoped to trademark it. It wasn’t Gernsback’s first choice for the genre name, however; that would be “scientifiction.”